Based on your specific requirements, we develop customised products which create the best conditions. They stand for functionality, more safety, they have a long service life and are easy to install. 

Areas of use are boilers, gas boilers, solar collectors, in building systems, in gas and water supply, in sanitation technology, in combined heat and power, in fuel cell technology, hydrogen technology and in cooling ceilings and sprinklers.

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Our products for you at a glance:

Gas hoses

Our durable and safe gas piping systems made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and brass are individually designed and pre-bent ready for installation.

Drinking water pipes

Made of standard turned stainless steel with an extremely smooth inner surface, our drinking water pipes guarantee maximum hygiene.

Heating pipes

Our heating pipes fulfil the strictest criteria when it comes to tightness, narrow tolerances and the compensation of thermal expansion.

Solar connectors

We provide you with flexible solar connectors and roof ducts with an expansion function.

Heat exchangers

Our heat exchangers enable high efficiency based on thin-walled, corrugated components made of stainless steel.

Solar hoses

Our solar hoses are adapted to your requirements profile. We develop flexible solutions which meet your demands.