Geothermal energy

The geothermal energy comes from the heat of the Earth's core. It can be gained from volcanically active regions kilometres deep in the Earth's crust, and also from near the surface with geothermal heat pumps. Senior Flexonics specialises in the manufacture of products that can be used at extreme temperatures, such as for the gaining of geothermal energy in heat pumps.

Three types of power plants are used for the generation of electricity: Dry steam plants ("Dry Steam" Method) using steam from fissures in the subsurface to drive a turbine which in turn drives a generator. Flash steam plants take hot water with temperatures above 200 °C found in the subsurface, separate the steam in separators and let it run through a turbine. In binary cycle plants, the hot water flows through heat exchangers and brings an organic liquid to the boil, which drives the turbine. For all types of installations, the condensed steam and remaining geothermal fluid is routed back into the hot rock to collect more heat.