Senior Flexonics products are on the road every day. Rail and waterway vehicles are part of our Off-Highway area of business, as are special vehicles, industrial engines and platforms. 

Our metal hoses and expansion joints are approved by all classification societies and suitable for the most diverse conditions and fields of stress. The experienced specialists at Senior Flexonics adapt our products to your individual, project-specific requirements - for the best result.

Rail vehicles

Our durable products are used in the entire range of rail technology and rail vehicles.

Special vehicles

Our areas of use are fully oriented towards your needs: From the exhaust piping to the fuel piping to safe hydraulic transport. 


Specially developed metal tubes and stainless steel compensators ensure safe and reliable use on ships and platforms - worldwide.

Industrial engines

Whenever you expect safety and durability from your products, we are by your side to support you with our flexible solutions.